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Cataract surgery. Course for beginners.

Speaker - Chairman of the Society of Ukrainian Ophthalmic Surgeons, Chief Doctor of Viziobud-Plus Clinic LLC, Ph.D. Vladimir Melnyk

• Date - 29.02.2020

• Venue - Medbud Medical Center (17 Lobanovsky Ave., Kyiv, Ukraine)

• Organizer - Union of Ukrainian Ophthalmic Surgeons, LLC "Visiobud-Plus Clinic"

• Seminar languages - Ukrainian, Russian, English

• Seminar topics - cataract surgery from the basics of microsurgery to prevention of complications

Glaucoma. Etiology, pathogenesis, modern methods of correction of VOT, surgical treatment glaucoma.
Union of Ukrainian Ophthalmic Surgeons held the first master class for ophthalmic surgeons on January 18, 2020! It was an author's master class on Glaucoma! It was conducted by Vladimir Melnyk, MD We managed to make an educational and scientific-practical event, where the participants had the opportunity to learn from many years of experience, experience! The speaker has shared many life hacks that are not usually shared with a wider audience!
10 participants, including doctors from different parts of the country, both practicing surgeons and novice surgeons, also the young interns gladly participated in this event!
- almost 10 hours of unique information from me, the secrets of my patented surgery methods.
- gonioscopy, which was performed on real patients with an audience of listeners, which made it possible to touch on this type of examination - live surgery, 3 different patients, combined surgery.
- personal conversations with each participant, questions, discussion of clinical cases
- Useful and balanced breakfast, lunch and dinner, snacks throughout the day.
- ALL of the presentations that were created for the event were sent to the participants.
Дякуємо гостям цього майстер класу за участь!
Розвиваймось об'єднуючись!!!

Ophthalmic Light.


Date of the event – 22-23.11.2019

The first National Ophthalmic Surgery Conference was a major event. We have united
25 eminent speakers who shared their unique professional experience, and
26 partners, who organized the operation of three exhibition halls. More than 400 participants met, exchanged experiences, gained current knowledge and imparted the skills of their colleagues.
The Ophthalmic light party allowed its guests to dive into the informal atmosphere and spend the evening in the splendid festivity.
Let's grow together!

Current Trends in Ophthalmology in Ukraine 2018
On October 13, 2018, we held a "Current Trends in Ophthalmology in Ukraine 2018" conference, which was attended by 13 partners, 15 speakers, and 150 participants.

Kyiv, ave. Valery Lobanovsky, 17
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