We invite you to participate in the 5th Scientific and Practical Conference Glaucoma + 2020, which will be held on April 23-24 in Kyiv with the support of Ukrainian Glaucoma Society (UkrGS)
GLAUCOMA + 2020 is an international project for ophthalmologists, endocrinologists and family doctors with the participation of world-renowned leaders in ophthalmology and other medical fields, ESASO international speakers and lecturers; this is a real opportunity to get acquainted with the latest innovations in the diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma, cataracts, retinal diseases, diabetic eye complications and more.
Glaucoma + 2020 is a direct way to communicate with the world leaders in ophthalmic science and practice. The conference is full of fun lectures, scientific sections, numerous master classes, and 25-30 accreditation points.
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